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Battlefield Installation Guide

Post  t0et0e on Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:35 pm

OK so you or your friend has only just discovered Battlefield 1942.
You want to go from Zero To Hero, this is a helpful list.

A great place to start is

1. Ventrilo A voice communication programme you will want client and your OS(Operating System)

Once installed you will need an address, port and if you have registered on here you will be supplied with a password.
So Name it Scorpion Kingdom. Address Port: 4613

Make your settings look like this for a simplistic start

Then find out you have a complication and need extra help, dont be afraid to ask

2. Have good referencing I suggest have a look through this guide bookmark it and use it further along in this guide it will save you alot of trial and erroring

3. Familiar with the guide Installation time
Now so dos and donts
Try not to run any other programmes whilst installing major software it can corrupt data and render the whole task pointless
Be patient it may look sometimes like its not doing anything but it is
Buy original game discs i may sound like a do gooder but really bf is worth every penny and its a cheap game now and a nightmare to play illegally anyways

Once your main game install has completed i suggest firing it up watch a nice little vid but most importantly once you get to the main menu i think the bottom left will be a version number like ver.1.4 or 2/5/6 if its version 1.6 your lucky as its only one patch you need!

4. Patching time The most up-to-date version that we all use is v1.6b;33702

To save time i wont list all the other patches, but on that site they will be look for incrementals and check in the info if you can patch straight to 1.6 or if you need to do say 1.2 to 1.4, then 1.5 to 1.6 etc

5. All fixed and patched i personally like to launch the game and get some of my settings in order, like sound/video settings and key mapping
use the tweak guide up above to really get the smoothest results

6. Mod-time OK so by now your thinking did i buy the right game where are those jets They come in an old day form of DLC or Game Content just over here on pc it can be user created aswell Opening up a huge amount of possibilities and epic fails

6.a First and foremost is Desert Combat (DC) this is the most widely used mod and is needed to be installed in order to use later mods So use the link below and get yourself the DC 0.7 Full install i.e all you need!;33702

Follow the instruction and you should be ready to go on Scorpion Kingdom

6.b If your like me and have an insatiable appetite for new things Dont threat there is sooo much more! Following this is simply a list(in chronological order) of the best pick of mods to put on your system

Desert Combat Final;31620

Desert Combat Extended;43294

Desert Combat Final Extended

First part, D/L and Install 1a

Second part, installs over 1a and is called 1c, go figure?!?

BUG Mr Magoo aKa Skorpion about the Mr Magoo Mod (DCM) it rocks and soo needs more love put to it

I got to admit sometimes i love a good old World War game sadly Vanilla bf1942 just dont cut it for me nowadays but here we go with a huge mod

Forgotten Hope FH 0.7

Latest version comes in three parts download all 3 before installing

Part one;49588

Part two;49581

Part three;49580

Now install all three lool done nope more to come

Forgotten Fanmappack 6

By now you should be familiar with a few things like battlefield file front go explore you may find something we all want to check out too

I hope this may have helped you or your friend


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