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Battlefield 2 Mods

Post  t0et0e on Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:12 pm

As of March 2012, these are the mods I have installed and ready to play

(AM) Air Maps w6 :- a pilots must have! Download here

(AP) Alpha Project v0.1 :- Download Here

(SB) Sand Box v1.0.1 :- Download Here

(CQB) Close Quarter Battle Japan v1.9 :- Download Here

(EOD) Eve Of Destruction v2.0 :- Client + Client Levels + Client & Server Hotfix, so 3 files in total Download Here

(AIX) Allied Intent eXtended :- Awesome Coop gaming I am finding great for getting used to bf2, there is a map pack too Download Here

(HJ) Hard Justice :- Another Coop Mod though haven't come across any servers yet, v1.3 + v1.3 Hotfix + 3 custom map Download Here

(BFP2) Battlefield Pirates 2 :- Funny Mod vR2.1 Client Full Install if a fresh install otherwise update with incremental Download Here

(FH2) Forgotten Hope 2 :- Classic World War 2 warfare, i used a torrent download for this, just remember to note the password Download Here

(POE2) Point Of Existence 2 :- Haven't played yet Download Here

(BR2) Battle Racer 2 :- From the Sir. Community so should be good Download Here

(PR) Project Reality :- This is a very committed way of playing, it takes a lot of skill and requires alot of knowledge and tactical strategic actions Download Here make sure you get Full Client, Mappack and don't install mumble that comes with the installer, instead get the newer one from here PR Mumble BETA
I also really recommend you read through this too Project Reality Field Manual And remember, Project Reality is not a game, it is a Simulator so remeber to treat your team mates with respect, and play serious, if your after arcade style shoot'em ups leave this one to the pros and those who want to learn something!
There is also an addon map some servers use for training Download Here

There is now a vietnam add-on HERE

Something to bare in mind with Battlefield 2 is I have wanted to play this game since it came out, but 7 years later I finally have a powerfull enough PC to run it, so I don't know anybody on it, not a clue what servers are best and which are ran by friends/associates. So if you know of any servers, maps, vents or even teamspeak I should visit, please do let me know as I have to play catch up having spent all my years of DC. Yes! I am a Newb on Bf2, so if you hate being owned by me in Desert Combat (in the air!) then invite me along to a Bf2 and kick my arse

Same goes with any mods I should check out, then please do PM me the details to update the list.PR Mumble BETADownload Here

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