Battlefield 2 Heli and Gunner Guide Tips

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Battlefield 2 Heli and Gunner Guide Tips

Post  t0et0e on Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:45 pm

Tips for both:

A helicopter is fairly useless without a gunner. As a pilot alone you will stand little chance versus organised anti-air and other helicopters. Get a good gunner, you will need him. Team up with a friend. Play a lot together, get to know each other and practice aim and tactics.

When flying a helicopter, use voice chat! It’s the fastest and easiest way to work efficiently.

The pilot decides where you're heading and the gunner decides who deserves a beating. Try not to argue, it results only in wasted time and anger.

Linebackers, Tunguskas, Bradley’s and stinger sites are your worst enemies. As soon as either of you spots one that is active, notify the other and mark it as a primary target.

Tips for the pilot:

Funnel! Learn this maneuver, basically get your aim on a spot, then circle it. This gives your gunner a smooth aim but keeps you moving, thus becoming a harder target!

Use C (change viewpoint) to see what's happening behind you. Learn to fly your helicopter in 3rd person view from both rear and front, it is vital when dodging enemy fire.

Flying takes a lot of practice. Get to know the limits of you and your machine. Learn to dodge bridges, fly around trees and use the landscape for cover. Use the instruments whenever possible, they supply you with very accurate information on your position and status. Practise flying in singleplayer mode to prevent frustration from other people. (hint: make a multiplayer server so you can choose the larger maps!)

Get to know your gunner. Generally, he has the best view of the battlefield and can supply you with valuable information regarding enemy positions and possible obstacles.

Shadow your opponents. Trail behind an enemy helicopter or plane until it is flying (nearly) in a straight line away from you, then have the gunner take a shot.

Take spawn points by hovering near the flags. The gunner has to be looking around constantly, in order to prevent being blown by C4 or anti tank rockets.

Use your unguided missiles for APC’s, tanks and stinger sites. Three rockets will take out an APC or linebacker and five a tank. One is enough for a stinger site, but aim is harder there, especially when under stress. When the target is unaware of your presence, aim carefully to save missiles

When covering great distances, either fly on the edge of the map, or low, covering behind trees and buildings.

The gunner view box is your best friend when helping your gunner aim – use it!

Do not stress when the LWR starts ringing. As long as it is beeping, no missiles are active; the guy on the ground is only aiming, not firing. In this stage you can often escape by either trying to kill the ground personnel, or by flying away, low on the ground, searching cover near trees and buildings. As soon as the tone becomes continues, you have been locked, and one or more missiles will shortly be heading for the heat of your engines. Take a sharp turn / nose dive and pop flares. Dodge missiles by taking sharp turns, flying low between obstacles and making corkscrews.

When attacked by Aircraft, head for your nearest base in search for ground support, or hide in dense forests, between buildings or in garages and hangars. Try to have your gunner take a shot at a passing airplane when both feel like the situation is good.

When attacked by bullets (eg, a humvee, linebacker or APC), simply turn towards it and take it out. No need to panic here, the helicopter can take quite a punch. Rockets from a TOW or APC travel very slowly, and are easy to dodge.

At a range of 150m and further, gunners view is about 0.6mm to the right and 20mm below of your own crosshairs. (at 1280x1024 on 21") Marking the spot with a small dot on your screen will allow you to do part of the aiming for your gunner.

Set ‘Mouse Look’ to be activated with the right mouse button, so you can use it to peer around quickly yourself. Note: this is especially useful when engaged in a fight with one or more other helicopters.

Hovering is done using the instruments. Put your nose on the horizon, and set torque to 35%. If you are using a keyboard, tap the forward key (W), to achieve it. On some joysticks you will be able to set the amount of torque using a knob, but i have no experience with it myself yet. The key thing here is to learn yourself to go from stationary flight at about 50m to hovering at 10m, using a nose dive.

When not purposefully taking flags, keep your distance (50+ m). A longer distance = better aim for the missile of your gunner. Plus, you will be able to see more of the battlefield around it and thus live longer.

Tips for the gunner:

One direct hit missile will destroy any vehicle; it takes three shots to destroy a bridge, artillery, a UAV trailer or a radar tower.

The range of the missile is 635 meters.

Don’t be stingy with the missiles, you can always reload, and it’s better to have used them all and lived to reload than to have conserved and died with a full set.

Use the MG for infantry and infantry only. Fire 5 – 6 shots, wait half a second then fire 5 – 6 shots again. That way the gun will not overheat, and you can maintain a constant bullet barrage. Remember that you can shoot through certain sections of wall and sandbags, so it never hurts to try. The only vehicles that are really worth shooting are jeeps and buggies, and only at close range.

Use the missiles for armour and anything in the air. Fire it by clicking on a target, wait a second, then click again to adjust the path if necessary. Do not click more then once a second for it will only lead to missed shots and frustration.

The missile has a short delay before firing - usually 0.5 secs. Beware of that, especially when firing at targets on close range.

Do not fire the MG on tanks or helicopters. It will only draw their attention, which is not good. Also, the continues rattle can be very annoying for your pilot. <--this should be hammered into babies heads at birth

When you begin to run out of missiles, be sure to notify your pilot for a reload. (3 or less is usually the best time)

Keep your eyes open, inform your pilot of every little tidbit you see, be it one infantry dude, or an enemy plane high above. Just tell him, he needs the info.

Be wary when firing the missile from extreme distances, you might kill friendlies because you can't see their names from far away.

Planes can be shot down, if you can aim the missile well enough, just don’t make a habit of wasting your missiles on them if you can’t hit them.

Helicopters have bizarre hit models; sometimes if you aim the missile for the enemy cockpit, it will fly right through. Oftentimes, the best places to hit are the tail or just behind the cockpit. Trying to hit a blackhawk from the side will not always work either.

When reloading, be sure to have your missiles selected, or else you’ll get in to battle and have none reloaded.

Using the missile view, you can easily see who is friendly and who isn’t, on short – medium range. Please, inform your pilot in time

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